Carrier Air ConditionerThrough normal living, a great deal of dander, dust, chemicals, and other pollutants are generated.  These contaminants are drawn into the cooling system, to be re-circulated an average of five to seven times each day.  Over months and years of operation, this re-circulation results in a buildup of dirt and debris.  According to the EPA, the accumulation of just .042 inches of dirt on a cooling coil decreases efficiency by 21%.  When critical components are clogged and dirty, they must work that much harder to maintain comfort levels.  This causes excessive wear and tear, greater energy use, more frequent repair needs, shortened system life, and higher operational and ownership costs.  

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There is also the possibility of mold and other bacteria within the system affecting breathing air and posing a health hazard.  Just like any major appliance you regularly depend upon, your air conditioner requires ongoing maintenance to operate properly.  The process is simple, quick, and cost-effective, and when handled by Alliance Air & Heat, we offer convenient scheduling, on-time arrival, and an organized start-to-finish project.  We don’t cause or leave you with damage, mess, or debris.  We go to great lengths to optimize your equipment and make certain it is ready to handle the long and brutal summer workload.

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